Sunday, October 20, 2013

So many ideas, so little time... And Hemispheres Winner

Some times I get an idea.
I think about it constantly.
Then I try to ignore it.
Then I can't. Then...
I MUST do it NOW.
So I do.

But before I forget, the winner of the Hemispheres quilt pattern is... Sewbing who said, "Such a fun pattern! I would love to try it. Thanks for the chance to win!"

I'll pass your info on to Arialane.

My studio mis-matched furniture drives me nuts. Plus I like to paint and frequently itch to do so. Now I here I am in a studio I tore apart Saturday (yes, I was that lady at Home Depot at 7:15am on a Saturday with my kids in pjs). I decided to paint the apothecary desk, sewing desk, and hutch white.
I managed to get the right surfaces primed and my mix of DIY chalk paint on most of the surfaces and I'm hoping to knock the rest of the coats out by Tues so I can wax it and let that dry... All to get it put back together in a new way.
Of course I have several other things I should be doing too, like laundry, groceries, and a pile of projects and calls to make. But for some reason they don't seem as important as painting right now. (Except for the grocery part, I like food and a happy family too much. Oh, and the laundry because we aren't nudists).
I have visions of drawer liners, cleaner lines and freshness. A space where I will be happy and light filled and more on top of the incoming paper and the debris of creativity.

I also have my eyes on the kitchen "command station".... Beware wall. You are next.
What does your studio look like? Any ideas for handling all the gobs of paper that comes home from school.

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