Thursday, June 05, 2014

What I'm Taking to Alt

Confession: I am not a fashion blogger, nor am I really that fashionable…but I'm headed out to Alt Summit next week…

and 3 days after I get home my family will be moving across the country from New Hampshire to Arizona. So needless to say this adventure to Alt is going to require some serious outfit planning (and commitment) because everything I own, including most of my clothing is going to be in a box. Oh, and I'll be out west looking for a place to live for the 5 days before Alt.

Hence, the need for a plan!

I made this sketches with my new Wacom tablet to give me an excuse to get used to drawing with it. These looks may change slightly, when I finally get down to tossing it all in a suit case but it's a good start.

I arrive in SLC in the morning and I hate to fly in skirts since I always freeze in the airport or end up sitting on the floor, so I'll be flying in black skinnies with this sheer cream polka-dotted blouse (both from Target) Once I get there I'll be about town with my BFF from high school and then heading to the hotel to change for the sponsor dinners. 

I managed to get a spot at the Silhouette dinner! Super excited for that! I'll be wearing my favorite teal dress in linen with pin tuck pleats at the hem. Since I drew up this sketch I bought a great pair of Franco  Sarto platforms to wear with it. Hooray since they are sandals and more comfortable than the heals.

Wednesday is full of classes and business-ness I'll be sporting my new fancy denim pencil skirt which I just tailored down from a size 16 to an 8. Can't go wrong when it was on sale for $2.97! I'll probably pair it with my favorite pretty tshirt from Target. They hang nicely and are made from amazing jersey knit. 

The dinner that night is supposed to be casual and food-truck central. I made this terrific teal floral dress, but I'm undecided if I want to wear it that night or the next day, instead of the orange and teal combo below. Either way I'll be sporting another pair of wedge sandals because I could walk for ages in them.
I've pretty much decided not to wear this orange skirt. It's a faux wrap skirt, but it flutters open a lot when I walk. So I'm leaning towards wearing the black skinnies again with this top. I've also nixed the black strappy healed sandals. (Are you sensing a theme? I love teal and I have a thing with comfy shoes. I just don't want them to look like "mom shoes" My husband has serious issues with "mom shoes")

For the last night Garden Party I'll be wearing my favorite all time Heather Bailey fabric printed with enormous pink garden roses. It's retro and unbelievably comfortable and pretty. 

Of course I won't be leaving home with out goodies and business cards! I'll be handing out these (don't worry the new Art of Being Me cards are here and my name is spelled correctly!) I'll have Eva Blake's Makery cards and mini i {heart} handmade cross stitches to work on.

What are you wearing to Alt? If you see me please come introduce yourself! I'd love to meet you.


  1. Hey Shannon! Would the BFF from high school happen to be Kristyn? If it is please please give her a huge hug from me! Have so much fun at Alt!

  2. Shannon!
    It was great chatting with you for a bit at Alt Summit! And I can't get over how cute the Eva Blake's packet is! So cute.


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